As powerful interests seek to silence critical dialogue and sow division among our communities, we know that ensuring integrity and cultural responsiveness in our school curricula, advancing policies that promote equity and justice in our schools, and shifting the narrative to bring our communities together and ensure all students can flourish, is tantamount. Here’s how we are working across Vermont and New Hampshire to make this happen. 

Our Campaigns

H.E.A.L. Together

In the face of efforts to restrict teaching on issues of systemic racism and sexism, we support organizing in our communities to deepen institutional commitments to honest, inclusive, and high-quality education, and develop policy solutions that bolster education equity and justice.


Fair Funding

We support efforts to ensure that all of our public schools have the resources to hire and retain enough educators and fully support the needs of all students. This includes advocating for more equitable funding structures and stopping attempts to shrink public education budgets.


Police Out of Schools

The data shows that the presence of School Resource Officers has a disproportionately harmful impact on Black and brown students and students with disabilities. We support policies that ensure all students can feel safe in school and are not criminalized in their educational environment.




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New Hampshire

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