Report: New Hampshire Together

It is easy today to focus on what divides us, but New Hampshire Together: Voices from the Granite State shows that we can share the same deep concerns and broad agreement on common solutions

Characterization: New Social Contract for Workers

We need to envision a new social contract that puts people and our planet first, one that emerges from community, worker and social-movement driven solutions promising a more equitable and liberated future for all.

We can, and must, fight for and build this future together.

Article: The Seeds of Progressivism

Rights & Democracy Education Fund

Many rural communities feel a contempt for the status quo that persists regardless of the ruling party. Organizers are helping them build their own political power, in service of their own needs.

Read this overview of how Rights & Democracy Institute and its sister organization Rights & Democracy are building power in rural communities in Vermont and New Hampshire.  Article authors are RDI staffers Kate Logan and Shay Totten.

(link to Dissent article)


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