HEAL Together

H.E.A.L. Together

H.E.A.L. (Honest Education, Action & Leadership) Together is a national initiative by Race Forward, our national partner, aimed at deepening the commitment to honest, culturally relevant, and high-quality education in school districts across the country. We are thrilled to be kicking off HEAL Together on-the-ground right here in our New Hampshire and Vermont communities. Here are a few suggestions and resources to help you get started in building a powerful campaign in your community. And as always, please reach out to us – we are ready to help.

Organizing roles and getting people involved

These are a few suggestions for setting up an effective campaign team in your community. If you need support in taking these first steps, RDI organizers are always ready to provide assistance. Contact us!

  • Start with building a core group of 5 to 10 people, who will become the point people for the campaign.
      • It is important to develop a decision making structure in the early stages. Remember, while some decisions will be made at meetings, there will likely be a need to make quick decisions in between meetings, so it is helpful to have a plan in place.
      • Core team should be responsible for owning and developing campaign strategy chart (see links below).
  • With the core team in place, you can begin to create teams with more specific work. This will also be helpful in getting newcomers involved in the work. Specific teams include:
      • Media and Publicity Team – handle press coverage, social media, develop and support campaign spokespeople
      • Outreach Team – engages with the community and builds support, invites new people to get involved, and connects with existing volunteers and supporters to plug them into the campaign
      • Meetings Team – Organizes meetings, sets agendas

Additional Tools for Campaign Planning

Community Strategy Chart

Strategy Chart Template

Further Resources

Race Forward’s Messaging Guide to Counter Narrating the Attacks on Critical Race Theory

African American Policy Forum’s #TruthBeTold campaign site contains a wealth of resources and background information including an interactive map and legislative tracker, a collection of news coverage on critical race theory attacks, and recommended articles and analyses for deeper study of the issues.


When we all come together, we can win the change our communities need. Support Rights & Democracy Institute and join us!