Stamp $$$ Out of Politics

Join the Stamp Money Out of Politics campaign and help us end the impact of secret money on our democracy!

We are seeing the disastrous effects that unlimited spending by corporations, and wealthy self-interested billionaires, is having on our democracy. From Congress to state houses around the country, the negative impact this unlimited spending is being used to suppress voters, enact punishing laws on low-income and working people, and siphoning  millions of public dollars from taxpayers and putting that money into the pockets of millionaires and corporate interests.

The Rights & Democracy Education Fund and the Rights & Democracy Project is joining with The Stamp Stampede to create a Clean Elections campaign. Join us and help us:

Stop the Bribery

  • Make it illegal for politicians to take money from lobbyists;
  • Ban lobbyist bundling;
  • Close the revolving door between elected office and lobbying; and,
  • Prevent elected officials from fundraising during working hours

End Secret Money

  • Significantly expand the definition of, and register all lobbyists to prevent anyone trying to influence our lawmakers from skirting the rules;
  • Ensuring that all significant political fundraising and spending is immediately disclosed online and made easily accessible to the public; and,
  • Require legislators to disclosure of any fundraising activities while in session. 

Give Every Voter a Voice

  • Put an end to gerrymandering;
  • Thwart any and all efforts to suppress voter participation;
  • Empower voters to rank their top candidates to avoid “spoiler candidates”; and,
  • Enact the public financing of elections to level the playing field and encourage campaigns powered by small dollar donations.

Enforce election rules

  • Cracking down on “super PACs” especially regarding rules related to coordination with candidates and campaigns;
  • Eliminating lobbyist loopholes;
  • Strengthen anti-corruption law enforcement; and,
  • Create a State Ethics Commission to oversee and enforce any rules.

How can YOU help? Easy.

Sign Our Petition and become a Clean Election Voter!

Email Us! Let us know if you want to BECOME A STAMPER: Help us Stamp Money Out of Politics! We'll set you up with your own stamp to bring to an event, or have stamp party with friends, to help spread the word. 


1,000 signatures

I Am A Clean Elections Voter

-1.pngI am a Clean Elections Voter and believe we need to get big money out of politics. I am joining Rights & Democracy to push for a clean elections agenda and pledge to:

  • Fight to overturn Citizens United and Buckley v Valeo;
  • Give every voter an equal voice and support the public financing of elections:
  • Stop voter suppression by ending gerrymandering, repressive Voter ID laws;
  • Make Election Day a national holiday: Democracy should not be available to only those who can afford to take time off;
  • End secret money in politics: All donations of all sizes from any individual, group, or company should be made public and posted online; and,
  • Stop political bribery.

Will you sign?

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    Sign the petition: Stamp $$$ Out of Politics. We cannot keep doing business the same old way.
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